It is the World Anti-Doping Agency that determines the substances and methods which may be considered as banned and whose use characterizes doping.

In this sense, doping refers to an athlete’s use of prohibited drugs or methods. EPO or steroids are the products we have talked about the most in recent years, but the list is long and continually changing. It is the athlete’s duty to keep abreast of the changes in the legislation and the Monegasque Anti-Doping Committee website exists specifically to serve as a reliable source.

All our information is available for free and our team remains at the disposal of athletes for any information request.

Why fight against doping?

The athlete who uses doping denies the very basis of any sport, regardless of the level in which it performs, from non-professional to professional, the fairness.

Prohibited list from The World Anti-Doping Agency

Since 2004, and as mandated by World Anti-Doping, WADA has published an annual List of Prohibited Substances and Methods.

The risks of doping

The list of prohibited methods and drugs provides a better understanding of the health risks they entail.

Painted numbers on running track

Rights and responsibilities of athletes

The provisions of the World Anti-Doping Code protect the right of athletes to participate in sporting events in a fair play environment.