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Who performs the doping control?

The doping control officers are sample collectors approved by the MAC. To carry out a doping control, they have a mission order issued by the MAC.

Why are there two samples during a doping control?

During a doping control, the collection of the biological sample is divided into two vials, called « sample A » and « sample B ». The accredited laboratory in charge of the analysis of the sample first examines the sample A, the sample B is preserved to allow a second analysis if the analysis results of the sample A are challenged.

Which is the time delay before analysis results are available?

In general, it is necessary to plan about 3-5 weeks from the date of the doping control so that the analysis report will be available. However, the deadlines for reporting results are uncertain and vary according to the nature of the sports competition (international sports competitions are prioritized and then at national level, etc.) and on the basis of the workload of the laboratory.

Why am I subject to doping controls?

The selection of athletes to be checked is mainly done in two ways:
– Either by drawing lots;
– or by a selection on criteria defined in advance by the medical inspector (the first 6, the withdrawals, etc.).

In which competitions can I be controlled?

Anti-doping controls can be performed on all levels of competition, whether international, national, regional or departmental.

What are the doping substances?

If you know the name of the drug or the substance, you can use our search tool by clicking here
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My results are positive, what's going on?

When the analysis of your samples has revealed the presence of at least one prohibited substance or method (« positive » control), your federation (if you are licensed by this Monegasque federation) or the MAC (if you are licensed by the organizing Monegasque federation) will send you a letter, informing you of the grievances held against you and your rights.

My results are negative, what's happening?

When the analysis of your samples has revealed the presence of any prohibited substance or method (« negative » control), you have the possibility to make a written request so that a copy of the analysis report be communicated to you. Your request should then be addressed to your Monegasque federation if you are licensed or to the MAC if you are not.

How to challenge my analysis results?

Upon receiving your analysis results, you have 4 working days to request the analysis of your sample B.
Your file will then be forwarded to the federation which you are registered with and in charge of making decisions about your sanction.