With legal personality and having its own budget, the Monegasque Anti-doping Committee is a private-law body responsible for general interest mission. It is the National Anti-doping Organization (NADO) acknowledged as such, in particular, by the regulations from Monaco and World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) through the World Anti-Doping Code to which it is a signatory.


  • To set up an effective and proportionate control program;
  •  To carry out testing on athletes of Monegasque nationality or living in the Principality and out-of-competition as well as athletes of any nationalities competing in Monaco. On that point, doping controls are performed by the Committee during national and international competitions or sporting events taking place in the Principality with the agreement of the relevant international body or, failing that, with the agreement of WADA and during training periods for these events. Furthermore, it can also perform out-of-competition doping controls.
  • Grant therapeutic use exemptions;
  • Investigate, establish and sanction doping cases and anti-doping rule violations;
  • Implement anti-doping education programs;
  • Participate in health monitoring against doping;
  • Take part in drafting legislative and regulatory texts on doping;
  • Ensure international legal watch on doping;
  • Cooperate with national and foreign anti-doping organizations, IOC, IPC, WADA, international federations which are signatories to the World Anti-Doping Code and organizations responsible for major international sporting events, also signatories to this Code.